Baked Beans Bakeries is a kid owned and run business that is lead by me, Dominique! I have been baking with my family since the age of 4 years old. What started as a hobby, that I learned by watching my Aunt Kristin who owns and operates, Desserts4Dequan, has become a platform for me to live out my dream of owning a storefront in Washington DC, and New York City!  With the help of my family, I am living my dream to become successful a entrepreneur!


Hi my name is Dominique, and I am going to be a baker when I grow up! I am only 9, yet I already KNOW this! Watch how I grow and learn and fill the pages of my story – with sweet treats and delicious baked goods – ENJOY

McCoy Family
Family Support

Its actually a family affair….

Désirée, wife, mom of two and woman of God. Corporate Sales Executive by trade with a passion for seeing her children thrive – in school, in a S.T.E.M. competition, on the basketball court, the track, the ballet stage or in the kitchen, supporting their dreams, it is her dream.

Maurice, husband, dad of two and man of God. Electrician by trade with a desire to have his children do more, be more, see more and give back more than he did, by being present and involved and supporting their dreams, that is his dream.

Donovan, son and big brother. scholar and child of God….he’s the mixer, and master taste tester, – you can call him the Mix-Taste-ologist!